Charles Stetson Wheeler III was born on May 9th, 1915 in the San Francisco area.

 Charles was the grandson of renowned San Francisco attorney, Charles Stetson Wheeler Sr., who was a member of the first law class at University of California, Berkeley and later became the school’s first law review editor.

 Charles S. Wheeler III graduated from UC Berkeley in 1938, and was a member of the university’s football squad when the team played in the Rose Bowl that year. He served as a lieutenant in the Navy during World War II.

 Mr. Wheeler met and married Kathryn “Katie” Anita Irvine in 1941. They had three children: Nita Connelly, James Irvine Wheeler, and Helene Huyler. Their son James died of a heart attack at age 49.

 Mr. Wheeler worked as a rancher, businessman and cowboy and favored quarter horses and helped supervise cattle operations at Irvine, Co. ranches in Orange County and Montana as well as his own family’s Quiet Hills Ranch in Northern California.

 He later became an executive with the Irvine, Co., a member of the board and corporate secretary until the company was sold to the Taubman-Allen-Irvine consortium in 1977.

 Mr. Wheeler died of heart failure on September 12, 1993.

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