1864: The original Irvine Ranch was 120,000 acres and included parts of three Spanish Ranchos: Rancho San Joaquin, Rancho Lomas de Santiago, and Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana.

1876: Construction begins for the new ranch headquarters. James Irvine buys out his partners, Bixby and Flint for $150,000.

1891: Ranch headquarters is moved out of the home into a separate building in December.

1892: James Harvey Irvine, Sr., son of James Irvine, assumes control of the ranch.

1894: James Harvey Irvine incorporates land holdings as the Irvine Company on June 4. Kathryn Helena Irvine (Katie’s mother) is born on Sept. 29. She is one of three children born to James Harvey Irvine, Sr. (J.I.) and Frances Anita Plum.

1906: Following the San Francisco earthquake the Irvine Family moves from San Francisco and the ranch house becomes the family’s principal home. At that time it consists of 30 rooms.

1908: House is remodeled three times and reached its current size.

1910: Balboa and Lido Island is sold off for $35,000.

1920: Katie Wheeler born on February 27.

1947: Myford Irvine becomes president of the Irvine Company and moves into the Irvine ranch house.

1965: Irvine ranch house partially destroyed by fire and no longer habitable.

2003: Groundbreaking ceremony held.

2007: Construction begins to recreate the Irvine family ranch house.

2008: Katie Wheeler Branch Library opens.